GMTR Missing Textures and Models

I know this isn’t TU but I didn’t know where else to put this since this. I have brought this up in the GMTower 10th Anniversary Release Announcement thread, along with the discord, however I couldn’t figure out what the exact issue was.

Essentially there are missing models and textures for the lobby one map, playing on the server has no issues, it’s purely to do with missing textures and models. When I initially spotted this, I assumed that I’d done something wrong, so I deleted the files, unsubscribed myself to all of the workshop content and did it fresh again, only to find after going through all the steps, including making sure all the games are mounted, that the exact same models and materials are missing.

I’m at a loss as to what could be causing this, I’ve tried bringing the material and model files forward, I’ve generally moved a lot of files around to see if anything would work, but the exact same ones keep showing up as missing.

Do you have various games such as CS:S and TF2 mounted? Those two are pretty important for most textures.

Here’s the list of games I have mounted:
Counter Strike: Source
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Half Life 2
Half Life 2 Episode 1
Half Life 2 Episode 2
Left for Dead
Left for Dead 2
Team Fortress 2

Do you have them mounted correctly?

Can you elaborate on what you mean by correctly? I’ve got them installed and the boxes ticked, I’ve asked around and this seems to be the extent of it, is there a further step?

Did you install the games? Or did you download the files and extract them into your addons folder?

All the games are installed, do I need to do the other as well?

If the games are mounted, you shouldn’t need to add the game content as addon folders.

I did some investigation to see if I could narrow down what your issue is, and it’s rather odd. A lot of the textures and errors you’re getting are from CS:Source, and a few from the Reunion files, but oddly, some Reunion and CS:Source textures are working for you.

I’d suggest making sure all your mounted games are installed on your computer (Or maybe reinstalling them), and if worse comes to worse, you can find downloads of the game content on certain shady websites. Though it’s a bizarre situation, and I’m honestly not sure if that will help. You could also try unmounting games that aren’t needed, but at this point I’m just guessing, it’s some kind of weird content error on GMod’s part.

Sorry for being unhelpful, but I’ve been in frustrating situations like yours, and I don’t want to leave you stranded here.


Have you started the games once after installing? IIRC that step was a thing back then.

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Did you extract the 7Zip file? That’s what I did


I followed all the instructions to the t. I’m going to try to play through all of my installed games tonight to see if that changes anything

You probably have, but just to make sure… have you checked off your installed games in GMOD’s main menu?


Problem fixed, turns out I wasn’t downloading the right workshop collection. Dunce be me. Working great now though.

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