GMTower Reunion Event

It would be an annual event that takes place on the day GMTower was launched on Gmod and the day it was shutdown, basically there would be a portal in the plaza that would take you to one of the GMTower plazas (in Tower Unite in case you were confused) where you can hang out and win exclusive prizes from the stores in those plazas. The prizes can range from items you can hold, furniture, toys, etc., and it would be very worth while for an event.


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While I don’t speak for the devs, I am not sure how they’d make this work. They said they won’t be updating reunion apart from bug fixes, and the server is mainly being hosted for nostalgia purposes, and for those that never got the chance to play GMT while it was open. Apart from that, I am unsure as to how they would go about doing this, I don’t think they can add a portal in the plaza that automatically boots GMod, somehow downloads all the content and all that. I feel it’s be a little complicated for something that would only happen once per year as you said.

However, I do want some more events to be set up in Reunion so we can get some players on there.

I assume they meant going to one of the GMT plazas inside of tower unite, like a version of the plaza that uses the resort map or smth


Ohhh… that’d be kind of cool tbh

As a person that wasn’t around during the GMT days, I’d love something like this.

yeah either lobby 1 or lobby 2 of gmod tower remade in the tower unite fashion

oh no, it wouldn’t take them to gmod directly, it would take players to either lobby 1 or 2 from gmod tower completely remade in tower unite


Ohhhh okay. I see now. Thanks for clearing that up.

It’s confusing because the currently playable version of Gmod Tower is called Gmod Tower Reunion. Probably should’ve called it Gmod Tower Anniversary Event

Well the reason I called it the same as the Reunion server is because once Tower Unite exits early access, the reunion server will be shut down.

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I think that the event could be having some servers run lobby 1 or 2 with warnings about how certain features may be outdated or missing. I would like to be able to explore older lobbies, however beyond the lobby, not many base components from GMT have been lost, and most, if not all, have been improved. I do miss lobby 1 and 2, but damn is lobby 3 a better layout. It would be nice to see a anniversary type event, but I can still enjoy the game without one.