and the future of its forums

Now that Tower Unite is definitely something we’re gonna be focusing our efforts on full time, it’s time our community moves on from our older forums.

I’m extremely delighted that the use of these forums have been above and beyond that of our original forums.

However, due to the circumstances, our developers won’t be able to manage both forums.

For that reason, on August 16th, I’m going to be putting into read-only mode. You’ll still be able to access and read all posts, you just won’t be able to make any new ones.

I’ll be migrating a few things into a GMod Tower category here:

  • ban reports/repeals
  • bug reports
  • general support questions
  • modifications
  • events/trading
  • piano lessons thread

I will not be migrating suggestions or donor talk.

From August 16th and onwards, PixelTail Games will be solely using these forums for all communication with all of our wonderful people.

As for those who are donors of GMTower, this does not effect your status in anyway. Donor talk will still remain active for donors, just keep in mind you may not get instant replies.


It’s great to hear that, from now on you guys, will be able to focus on Tower Unite, but that’s probably a better thing to congratulate in the other news that was just posted.

It’s also great that you guys will be merging the two forums together in someway. I will guess that some people will probably feel annoyed by that but it will probably be just for a moment. Those from the original GMod Tower forums that still haven’t come over will definitely feel at home here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice. That will definitely bring more people to these forums

Honestly, this makes sense. Other than the Off-Topic forum and piano lessons thread, nobody really converses on the forums unless they made a video about GMT or have a bug to report. Let’s hope the transition goes smoothly!

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Speaking of that, going forward, we need to figure out a good way to automatically add these user-contributed sheet music to Tower Unite.


Perhaps make a downloadable tool that can be linked to on the forums? Perhaps it could allow people to upload their compositions to the Workshop… Just thinking out loud.*

*in text on a forum.

I really hope you end up making it easy to find sheet music.
It would be nice to have categories and a search function for finding sheet music.
Categories ranging from games, TV, anime, other, etc.

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Yeah I really want to have it be robust allowing for searching and tagging.

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One thing that would probably be neat would be to be able to record the Piano Songs (and the sheet at the same time) and play them back on demand and eventually share them.

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Speaking of pianos, will there be a way for the game to autoplay sheet music? I don’t have the patience to learn how to play the in game piano

What will become of the old Gmod Tower once Tower Unite is up and running? will it just simply fade into fond memories or be left into the hands of the community to live on?

GMod Tower will shut down once Tower Unite launches.

Just to clarify, they won’t be giving GMT out for the community to run. It will be forever a memory.

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Excellent. It’s high time this forum got a GMT specific forum. Hopefully we can see a proper separation of content.

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This is really good because some people said that this wasn’t the place to discuss GMT bugs, and on the GMT forum I posted a bug a couple months back and it still has 0 replies.

This is great, it will be nice to have it all in one central location going forward throughout the development of Tower Unite and I never really used the GMT forums anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also think that this is a better way to go. The GMT forums are pretty much dead besides Off-Topic and piano lessons sharing thread, and bug reports. This forum exists for much less longer and is already much more active.

This forum seems better for all communication, yeah

Maybe after you do that I will received help ? Because 1 month later and still nothing… :’(

I have some issues with this and it would be great if you could take this into consideration. Why is there a “piano lessons” thread, but not a suggestions thread? If you are more so aimed towards support by the community, why not accept community suggestions? I understand you are very busy on tower unite but there is still a very large and thriving fanbase for GMod Tower. A Suggestions thread seems a lot more important and useful than a thread that teaches you how to play a virtual piano. If you could squeeze a small amount of your time into putting the suggestions page back, that would be great. Thanks for reading.