GMTower Lobby 1 Plate

I love this plate will we be able to get this back in Tower Unite?

I think yes, among the models I saw there was the VIP champagne and a plate (without texture yet though) but I guess that’s this one

Cool :::: D

Correct! It’s actually in the items spreadsheet for TU.

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YUS Complete Confirmation! Now Will It be given to people or will it be bought?

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It’s labeled as “Unique” in the doc, so it will be given, not bought.

Awesome! I like having this Plate sitting in my Condo.

Is the plate dishwasher safe? I just had Eggplant Parmesan and I haven’t washed it since last night. I did a google search and I found that most custom painted dishes need a special sealant coat in order to be put in the dishwasher but I wanted to check first.

You can spawn the plate in the item playground, it just doesn’t have a texture right now