GMT to UNITS transfer failed

I tried to transfer my GMTs to UNITs but I had 0 units, so the condition was to have at least 1 unit, I played 1 game, went back on the website “” and the transfer button has been replaced by

"You are not eligibile for Unit transfer. Reason: You have already transferred to Tower Unite
You successfully transferred: 79,126 Units "

Now, the biggest problem is that I haven’t got my units after the transfer, probably it’s a transfer bug, is there a way to solve it already?

My profile is
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:39648004

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I did exactly the same thing and I don’t have my units.
mine is

wait. they still didn’t fix this?

I’m getting the same issue. Not got my units, issue caused by the same thing.

ID: STEAM_0:1:53751778

It’s fixed for you.

This problem is fixed for everyone.