GMT things I'd like to see in TU

Tower Unite is starting to become way better than GMod Tower once was, though, there are still some things I’d like to see added into Tower Unite from GMod Tower.

Note: these features can range from major to EXTREMELY NITPICKY details.

  • Moving paddle on the spin to win wheel.
  • Bone modifiers. (Big head, stickman, alien)
  • Colored inventory, like the blue one in GMT.
  • Making only the last survivor in Virus hear the phrase: “This is your last chance.”, instead of everyone.
  • Pet naming.
  • Dueling (+ remaster of the GMT Lobby 2 dueling arena).
  • 1 GMC (unit) button.
  • Items making sound when moving them in inventory/placing them down according to their material.
  • Right-click use/drink for items in inventory.
  • Action menu by pressing E on people.
  • Tic Tac Toe and Checkers tables.
  • Rave/Disco ball.
  • Making name tags when looking at players slowely fade out.
  • Possibly make the emotes a selection wheel again.
  • CondoOS, possibly altered due to the way Tower Unite condos work.
  • Enraged mode for the dragon in Little Crusaders. (Like how the Chimera had red eyes and increased running speed.)
  • Sleeping and restoring being drunk.
  • Pressing your kill/respawn bind popping your ball in Ballrace so you can start over quicklier.
  • GMT had 2 different fast travel map variants, the double sided subway one and the sign-like outside one. TU only has the subway one, revert this change. (Was like this in Lobby 2 atleast, could be fixed for Lobby 3 once the teleporting actually works.)

Future things

  • The nightclub from GMT had a lot of small details that I would really want to see in the new Voltage Nightclub, these include the bar, edges of the stairs, outer circle of the speakers and more changing color to the music, there being smoke on the dancefloor, different light modes for the spot lights (bass, beat, following a random player, etc), the speakers actually pulsing to the bass.
  • Ghost detector halloween event. (
  • Accelerate: Playing cards as power-ups.
  • Accelerate: Different horns. (like found in the Source Karts sound files.)

edit (big head modifier, yes please)

Id like to see every one of these.

I thing some or most of these are confirmed by the devs

The sleeping sound was incredibly calming I’m not sure if it was copyrighted or not but it was very good

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Oh my god I totally forgot about these! They should totally make a return if possible. :laughing:


this is a really tiny one as well but displaying yourself at the top of the tab list (above friends as well) is a very nice thing to have


these are the little details that made gmt top notch indeed, oh man


These all made GMT great!

Hoping they all eventually come to TU!

Super low priority, but eventually.

These are coming back.

When I rework the inventory, I’ll be adding this feature.

Not sure about this, but it’s not hard to change.

This is coming soon. You can see the start of it with the text hat.

Dueling will return. I still like the lobby 2 arena.

When the backend is improved, maybe this can return.

This will come back when I rework the inventory.

This is something I’m trying to redesign the inventory for.

Action menu will probably not return, I feel like there’s better ways to do this.

Might come back for Arcade.

Disco ball will return, most likely when nightclub is out.

This was intentionally done to improve performance, but could be added again.

This is something I want to finish.

When the 2D arcade system is fully integrated, this is more possible.

We have some other ideas, but it could return.

I do want this back.

Not sure yet.

I believe this is just because I wanted to get the feature out quickly.

This will return but even better.

I don’t know if this will return, it was from another project of mine which is why it was integrated so quickly into GMT.

I believe this will return.

This will return.

I have my own personal GMT checklist as well.

Missing from GMT:

  • Nightclub
  • Rave Ball
  • Condo Parties
  • Condo Doors
  • Condo OS
  • Beer Making You Throw Up
  • Better Beer Effects (hickup bubbles)
  • Drunk Text
  • Firework launcher
  • Dueling
  • Text Hat
  • Pet Naming
  • Player Glow
  • Better Player Particles
  • Better Scoreboard
  • Inventory Coloring



My sweet summer child might make a return


yes please

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can i like this more than once

PLEASE, I forgot about this event but now I remember I used to be an ADDICT with it! It was so good!

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Maybe it could use the metal detector or Virus radar tech?