GMT shutdown notice?

I was wondering if one of the devs could maybe implement a GMT shutdown notice in the lobby, kind of like for the TU ad but a notice that GMT will shut down in April 2016. I think new players who don’t know about TU might want to know about GMT’s closing in April (and thus TU’s Early Access release). This could also grab people’s attention for TU’s release.
However, I do realise that this may discourage new players from playing GMT knowing that it will shut down in 3 months, so if that’s the case, then it may be better not to have a notice.

I haddnt played GMT in 3 years. And have just started playing again to get that sweet cash for TU.

So maybe if you said that all items/money will be carryed over

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This is a good idea, but anyone who mentions it in the chat will get a storm of people telling them the server will shut down.