GMT items transferring to Tower Unite (Also extra questions)

So i know GMC will transfer over to Tower Unite, but i’m more curious about things like items, more specifically items like:

  • Trophies
  • Lobby 1 plate
  • Milestone items (Virus flame, ball, UCH pet etc.)
  • Miscellaneous (Items like drinks, TV’s, posters etc.)

and so forth, i’m more concerned about things like the starfox trophies for copyright isses, i’d imagine they wouldn’t be added in so would there be a replacement for things like that? (I only ask because i know i own a starfox trophy and i’d hate to lose that (i mean, i got that from macdguy in lobby 1) :frowning: )

Also, just some extra questions:

  • Will there be a bug report feature?
  • Will a report player in-game function exist?
  • For those with less-powerful computers, will there be a feature to lower things like the graphics, lighting and so on?

Thanks for your time to read this :slight_smile:

The first few questions were answered here: How will Gmt data transferred to Tu?

Ah thanks! I didn’t really notice that forum yet, but thanks again kind person!

For the graphics options, the devs have actually answered this question numerous times on their live streams.
They will be trying their best to optimize Tower Unite for a wide range of PC builds, since obviously not everyone can afford a gaming PC.
Unreal Engine 4 already has some excellent optimization and will allow you to disable a bunch of post-processing effects and the like so that you can run whatever game at a reasonable framerate.

It would be great if the Lobby 1 plate could be transferred to TU, as well as a new Lobby 2 fancy plate

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  • Some trophies will transfer. They will all be redone and look incredibly better. Starfox won’t be making a return due to copyrights. However, we will have another secret trophy like that.
  • Lobby 1 Plate will return.
  • We will try to transfer milestones over, when it makes sense, but some may return others might just be altered or improved.
  • Items we will try to transfer them where it makes sense as well. For example we will definitely have beer, so that item will transfer over.
  • Yes.
  • Yes.
  • Yup, definitely.
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Wow, thanks MacDGuy, Such a shame not all trophies can transfer, but things like copyright make sense, and i’m glad things like the plate will return as well :smiley:

(Also i doubt you do, but remember when you gave me the stafox trophy in lobby 1?)

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