GMT entrance in TU (Canvas Pictures)

We all miss walking into the classic Lobby 2 Tower and selecting our condo
but miss it no more!

Here is the Lobby 2 Condo Door Background and Vault picture file.
NOTE: For the Condo Door Background to look proper, you must have it in CANVAS LANDSCAPE mode.
NOTE: For the Vault to look proper, you must have it in POSTER mode.


Awesome! I might do this. Kind of also want to make my own.
Incredible work though, super rad!

Do you have one for CondOS

How could I forget about that. I shall find it tomorrow.

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I really like how you positioned the hallway background behind the door, but how exactly did you achieve that?


I carefully made the canvas stretch across the whole back of the door, then placed the image. It took a good amount of tries before I finally got it.


Absolutely genius :heart: :smile:

Can you make one for the lobby 1 suites?

Sure I can work on it later today.