GMT data transfer to new acount

hey this is kind of an uncommon question (sorry if posted in the wrong section) but anyway I’m a donor in GMT on my old steam account that I no longer use and I just purchased tower unite yesterday on my new main, I read that gmt donors would get their items/money transferred to tower unite as well as a starting 5000 units? I’m not sure what the details were but i was hoping whatever items or units or whatever old donors get in the new tower unite, that it can be sent to my new steam account I’ve been using the past year ( instead of my old account. I can provide proof that i own both the old and new account of course if necessary. old gmt donor account url is linked to this forum account btw

There are no plans to transfer GMT Donor Status and Items between 2 different Steam Accounts.

would I have to re donate then on the new steam account to get the starting units in TU or has the donator system changed since gmt? havent played in a long time so not sure if its like an indiegogo donation instead of the old type of donation now or whatever

GMod Tower is shut down and is no longer accepting donations.

ya I mean donate in TU, or is the only way to get those starting units by being an old donator in gmt on the same steam account

This is correct.

alright thanks for the quick replies

Remember no microtransactions so no donating in tower unite.