GMod Tower & Tower unite


After GMod Tower closed (The best gamemode in gmod :frowning: ) all my friends disappointed and it says that Tower Unite sucks.
To tell the truth GMod Tower has a lot if bugs but nvr.
In tower unite you have more abilities to customize your condo and others
Also it has better graphics (in my opinion)

Another think is that GMod tower was free and now that Tower Unite comes we need to pay 14,99 to play it
but is worth it.I do not have Tower Unite yet basically but i will buy it one day.

something that i forgot is that on GMod Tower Lobby 2 you needed a Half-Life game (i do not remeber wich one)to have the textures or else the map was FULL OF missing textures.

Also sry for my bad english



Wait woah woah woah are you complaining about something you don’t even own? Because please note the game can do a lot more than GMT did. And there is not that many bugs anymore and you need to note. THE GAME IS EARLY ACCESS


Seems like people can’t accept GMod Tower changing drastically, going away from the old things, and moving on to new ones.
GMod Tower was incredibly hacky and felt like it was running on the very last resources, that it was on the verge of breaking the source engine (which was probably the case).


He’s actually praising it, even though he doesn’t own it. His grammar isn’t the best (as he noted at the bottom), but he does get his points across (English is a difficult language, what with its 5,000 rules and rule exceptions).

Regarding the OP itself: personally, I’d wait until actually playing it before judging which is better. At its current state, I’d say GMT was better simply because it had more. I believe that, in due time, TU will become better; it isn’t limited by an archaic engine and there’s a team working full-time on it. It’s in Early Access: new features will come. I trust PixelTail to finish the game and not abandon it like many other EA games have been.