Gmod Tower Suggestion: The GMT Community Awards

I had an idea for the GMTower closing party. I thought of something like the Emmy awards, where there are players who are nominated to certain categories, like Most GMC, Biggest Store/Re-sell value, Most Hours Spent on server, Most Kills in Virus, even something silly like Best Playermodel combination. The event would be judged by Mac and whoever else is in charge of the GMT closing party, and there will most likely be a stage and seats set up using admin props in my eyes.
So, is this a good idea? I hope it gives something for the gmod tower community to compete for.


The problem however could be that not all of these stats have ever been tracked, not even behind the scenes, like total kills in a specific gamemode. Although most GMC and things like these are possible.

Instead how about a one month event where they are tracked, It could be fun and get a bunch of activity on the server. It could bring a lot of old members back and it means that if the person who got the most kills in Virus left in 2014 there won’t be an awkward silence. Hell maybe they could get Condo trophies that would port over to Tower Unite?

Not sure how much time that would take to setup though and right now the devs are rushing to get as much in the Beta as possible so it seems unlikely that unless Mac or any other devs want to spend their off time in the next months making this it wont happen.

Either way Tanooki’s idea was really cool. I’m down for a closing party weather its extravagant or just a normal day in the Lobby.

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