Gmod Tower Soundtrack


If you didn’t know, Gmod Towers Soundtrack was released 2 years ago on the old forums. The songs were for titlescreens, videos, and whatever else.



Hey, I forgot about this! Nice find, thanks for sharing.


I never saw this on the old forums, so thank you for sharing!


i still listen to this soundtrack to this day. amazing songs in there ^^


I really wanted to find this, Thanks for sharing it :smiley:


Kinda related by old stuff:
Does anyone know where the 1 year anniversary video for GMT went? @massaki made it and it had the song “Thistles and Felt” in it. Tried to find it a couple of years ago but I think it dissipated from the base of the data.


it’s on my personal channel, was our first year anniversary video and it’s awful.

Enjoy, though.


I haven’t seen this one in the folder XP


thanks man :smiley: