Gmod Tower servers have been terrible today

I’m not really sure if this is the right place to put it, but the servers for Gmod Tower today have just been a laggy mess. I have been getting constantly rubberbanded, disconnected while joining minigames (and not being able to join back in due to the “You must join from the Gmod Tower lobby” message even if you did) and various other issues.

I have checked with others and have confirmed that I am not the only one having problems. It would be great to have this checked out.


EDIT: Have also been getting the connection issues with the timeout at the top. Those seem to go away in about 5 seconds though.

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Yeah same thing for the gamemodes, I cannot join any, it shows that we’re queued but when it picks a map it never brings us to the gamemode, it just kicks us saying “You need to join Lobby 1 to connect” or some shit like that. I vote for servers being restarted!

Yeah man. It’s pretty frustrating. Hoping they have it fixed soon.

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  • Restart The Servers
  • Don’t Restart The Servers

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I know a lot of games that restart their servers at least once a week (some even once a day) in an attempt to keep all the bugs squashed. Most of the time, it does indeed work.


So so true

I had an 8k duel earlier today, terrible idea. Ended up having the “connection error” pop up for a few seconds and then I was done (Plus it was a chainsaw duel, who knows how to use a chainsaw?)