[GMod Tower] Massive Image Collection


Greetings everyone.
Since few weeks ago was GMod Tower’s 8th Anniversary, I present to you my vast collection of GMod Tower images.

About the GMT Massive Image Collection:

  • There are over 650 total images in this collection.
  • This collection is unofficial, so is the Imgur account.
  • This image collection isn’t just in 1 album. It is separated into years. And each year also has a sub-category album (General, Holiday, Halloween, Events and such). Although some albums are very small compared to others, this is most likely because I was not really active in GMT during that time.
  • There are images that were not taken by me, I wanted this collection to include images taken/made by other players too, credit to respective owners. So if you want to contribute to the collection, feel free to PM me the images or post it below with the corresponding year/category.
  • Some of the images may be put in wrong year/category. Since some of the images taken didn’t have the date in their filename, I based which album the images goes in by the HUD and map.


8/19/2016 - Collection release
8/19/2016 (15 minutes later) - Fixed some links leading to wrong albums

The Image Collection


General 2009


General 2010

Halloween 2010

Holiday 2010


General 2011


Closed Beta Testing 2012

General 2012

Halloween 2012

Holiday 2012


General 2013


General 2014

Midori Testing 2014

GMT Rustling Event (2014) (Hosted by Massaki)

Plinko Event (2014)

GMT’s 5th Anniversary Event (2014)

Lobby 2 Testing 2014

Farewell Lobby 1 Event (2014)


General 2015


General 2016

Countdown Event 2016 (Group Photos)

Countdown Event 2016 (Photoshoot)

GMod Tower Finale 2016



Ball Race


Ultimate Chimera Hunt

Zombie Massacre


Source Karts


Tower Backgrounds (by Matt)

Website Backgrounds (From official site)

WIP Lobby 2 Backgrounds (Teasers from Lobby 2 Development)

GMT .gifs

Thank You PixelTail Messages For Lobby 2 (Planned to create a surprise collection to show to PixelTail to show thanks for the hard work on Lobby 2, but forgot to send them it. Please forgive me.)

Catsacks (The origin of the famous catsack and my various pixel art I created from it)


This is awesome, thanks so much. Most of these will be going to my condo :slight_smile: Goodbye, 50,000 units.


I had a bunch of pictures from the last few days of Garry’s Mod Tower, but I lost them when my hard drive failed on me.

EDIT: Mistakenly referred to GMT as TU


god damnit why are these pictures in here
context: http://www.gmtower.org/forums/index.php?topic=4659.0
mac did this to my condo when i fell asleep once


Been coming back to always look at these!