Gmod Tower is Not Gone

I see a lot of people saying “RIP GMT” in many places, some even put it in their steam display name.

But Gmod Tower is not going away, it is simply evolving to an even higher level.

Gmod Tower was the caterpillar, and now after a long and eventful journey, it has made itself a cocoon and crawled inside, and in a long time, when all has simmered down, and Gmod Tower is but a collection of fond memories and friends, it will emerge from this cocoon, not a caterpillar, but a beautiful butterfly, called Tower Unite. And that butterfly will spread its wings and bring us even more joy than it ever could have when it was just a simple caterpillar.

Now is not a time for sadness, but a time for celebration and rejoice, for the coming months can be some of the best, if, you let them.


But it loses that Source Engine feel to it, plus, it’s going to be a while before it comes out for Mac and Linux, so not everybody can join in right away.

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and ALOT of people cat run the game i general because potato computers.

The point of this post.

Your heads.

You say that like it’s a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know the point, but the problems spit in the face of it in the end because seeing a beautiful butterfly means nothing if my friends are not there too. That being said i look forward to the future of Unite i just hope it can be optimized enough for my friends with potato computers can play.

Lol he does

gmt, but better

at least… sometime

I do miss the old GMod tower, especially Lobby 1, in some ways i prefer it over Lobby 2 due to running better.
However, I have found minigolf was far better in the GMod version.

oh guys, really? It was only a mod. You guys obviously think devs can poop money huh?

The new Tower works way better. If you cant run it you should think about updating your computer anyways.

Stop crying please.

Yeah, problem is WE can’t poop money either so we can’t just ‘update’ or get a new computer. I funded the Indiegogo for Tower Unite yet I still prefer Gmod Tower by a long shot. It was WAY more accessible because even a potato can run the source engine. It was also only on two servers meaning you weren’t just playing with your friends, you were playing with a community. Now it’s on a million different temporary server’s I feel like the community has been divided rather than brought closer together though I’m sad to say it.

This was 1 month ago. The conversation stopped.

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This was 2 days ago. The conversation stopped. (I’m sorry)


i loved that feel…

You could have made those two posts into one post.

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