GMOD TOWER Gamemode files?

Are they gonna be for public use. So people can make their own gmod tower servers??

Sadly no

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It’s already been confirmed that GMod Tower source will not be released. It probably has something to do as how they will tackle Tower’s data architecture. Unless there is a change of mind by the developers, I don’t see this happening.

They explained that they wouldn’t in one of their livestreams. It was simply because they would be giving away 6+ years of work for free.

Maybe they can sell the source the name the forum and the logo for like 5000$

No, they will not be giving it away, selling it, or just making it available to the public in any way. They want us to focus on Tower Unite, and if they’re gonna sell/give GMTower away, people are just gonna stick to it and not care about TU. Pretty sure nobody would like this. And how many people are there gonna be that are actually ready to go through the extreme hassle of maintaining the GMTower gamemode? That gamemode is not just one server, it’s multiple.

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No, it’s their creation and they have already decided what they are going to do. Besides, they want people to play and enjoy their new Tower experience, and people won’t do that if GMod Tower still exists.

Edit Rant:
You go and built for free, spending days and months of your life creating something for free, and then have the idea to make an EVEN BETTER version of the game, but in order to do that you need to get money so your not living on the Street. And as your slaving away building this new amazing version of the game, that you put your heart and soul into, people start asking…

“So if your going to make this paid game…are you going to give away your old things source code for free?”

What would be going through your mind at that point. Your sitting here, you’ve got money and a team to work on your vision. And to further sustain that vision you still need money, and the sad fact of life is, people need to give you money to make something. It’ doesn’t make SENSE to release for free the old vision that will compete with your new vision.

Sorry if that sounded rantish, and I know the person asking this probably didn’t have that intention. I just get irritated with the countless Steam Comments about how Pixeltail should just release Gmod Tower for free with all the source code (not keeping in mind the countless things you probably would need to run it) and just disregard their new game


It’s not going to be released publically ever.

  1. It’s direct competition with Tower Unite. It is our responsibility, now that we’re funded by countless people, to ensure Tower Unite’s future and success.

  2. We don’t want to offer something we’ve been working on for 6 years for free.

  3. There are bugs, quirks, and undocumented code that is not release suitable.

  4. We’re done with Garry’s Mod.

  5. We don’t want to give the illusion of support from PixelTail Games.

  6. Hosting it requires more than just a dedicated server and some know how. It also requires modules that we have to keep up to date, and we don’t want to support those anymore.

  7. We will never sell it.

We won’t be taking down the Workshop content, so that will always be available to the public.