[GMod Tower] Extend Halloween and Winter Holiday

This is a screenshot of the Tower Unite FAQ Page:

It is stated that March of 2016, will be the end of GMod Tower, servers will be shut down, and all progress will be transferred to the player’s Tower Unite profile.

The thing about this is that October and December of 2015 will be the last time the GMod Tower servers will be able to appropriately host a Halloween and Winter Holiday event. This is especially striking due to last year’s Halloween event being out-right canceled aside from a Skeleton selling season items. While this is technically an update, the Winter Event had a whole lobby reskin dedicated to it, and the Holiday achievements anticipated a Haunted Mansion ride and a form of Candy Collecting. While those may have been left-overs from an old Halloween update that I have not been and wish I could’ve been apart of, if it happened at all; many players would still love an opportunity to be part of an update that hasn’t come at it’s full potential for a whole year. I mean the reason the old update was canceled was because what was made wasn’t at the standard that the Development team wanted to set for their game; people will want to see something before the big switch to Tower Unite.

What I ask, so that players like me, can savor GMT’s last seasonal events of 2015, is to extend the Holiday updates for longer than usual. Make the Halloween update start in late September and end in early November, while the Winter Holiday update starts in late November and end in January of 2016. Halloween, and the Winter Holidays are big events, that not everyone will be able to be readily part of. Whether a player’s schedule gives them lots of time or little time to be part of the festivities, people are going to want to be part of the last events ever in GMod Tower, so why not give them a plenty of time to enjoy it?


Actually, in the dev room, there was a special ghost-hunting gamemode, which even had its own achievement, No-Ghost. The ride was included as well, though candy collecting just didn’t happen. It was in November I believe, so some people may have missed it. I do agree with your point though.

Last time there was Candy Collecting was in Halloween 2012. Halloween 2013 event was entirely cancelled, and 2014 Halloween was bare; it only had the ghost hunting gamemode and the halloween store, but no themed lobby map.

I think the Christmas 2012 - 2013 event was the longest christmas event we ever had. It went from mid-December 2012 to early March/late February 2013. However, that length wasn’t as fun as it sounds. People got bored of the christmas theme just after one month after new years. And in mid-Feburary, the theme lost all of its specialness and was only annoying, and people were begging for the default theme to come up again. So keeping christmas up for too long is not very good. We did this once like I explained previously, and at the end it had a negative impact on the players.