Gmod Island

What about in the expanded oceans you can find an island that is based of gmod tower lobby 1 but it all overgrown similar to Portal 2’s aperture laboratories, if you find this island you can explore it and where the shops were you can find one of the Lobby 1 plates but all of the paint is slightly faded.


This has been suggested numerous times, but I’d love to see it in a form of island.

In my opinion, I think it would be best if a remake of Lobby 1 (not overgrown) was in its own map, mainly due to optimization reasons. Also, the Lobby 1 map could also be used and be equally useful, preventing the density of players in the lobby to decrease due to the huge amount of space and a 2nd Lobby available all in the same map.

Aside from that, it would be nice to explore some islands, hoping that Tower Unite won’t suffer from it.

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Had me until this. Love the idea of an island, but would like the design to be unique to Tower Unite.

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Or instead of a island wile you are exploring the expanded ocean you can find clues that it used to be there where the ocean is but it got swallowed up and they are only a few things left. Like you could find the basic layout of looby 1 with maybe a few chairs, arcade machines, and some broken game ports as an example.

I’ve been a big advocate of the overgrown idea of lobby one returning but as far as putting it on an island I think it would be to easy to find .

I think the better idea is to find a old rusty teleporter from Lobby 1 hidden on an island somewhere and it will teleport you to the overgrown remains of the original lobby. Maybe have access to a Suite layout for your Condo.

Though I’d more just think of it as something to explore, not so much a functioning social area with casinos and all that. But a view of what once was, since the plaza is our new bright future!

An idea that I’ve always thought would be cool is a totally separate map for lobby 1. Like, if we have both in the same map, wouldn’t it lag? I know that Unreal is super awesome and all but a nostalgia trip is cool enough if we just have a duplicate in another map for us to snoop around in.

Also if lobby 1 is being made (and it is), it needs to be the first lobby 1, with the dev suite and everything.

What most people don’t know is that what everyone is referring to as Lobby 1 is actually like a mark II of that map. There was a first one (a real first one) that felt much older (and by older I mean really source-y) that was not as big or pretty and it had a dev suite in the secret theater door. After this map got really old, it got refaced and we actually called it Lobby 2 (which is why the map files start with lobby_2a and such). After a while of lobby 2 being around, it sorta stuck so much that it felt like it was the only one ever, and when a new one was announced it looked and felt so different that it might be the second one because the change between 1 and 2 was so minute compared to the plaza based tower that there was almost no difference between 1 and 2 so the next one was presumed to be “Lobby 2”

Or a whole ton of people joined when the first first lobby was long gone and never new about it so the map they joined was just “The Lobby” to them because it was the only lobby they knew.

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nice history lesson, i have been on gmt for some time now but not for so long that i could have experienced the OLD lobby 1

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I would also release a “Legacy Of Union” update but prior to that there should be some ARG.

For example :
Update 1.221
Removed the stone masons from the tower grounds.

And after that update comes out, there will be at specific sun-angles (time) symbols resembling Gmod like the Physgun shining out on the ocean rocks with a code embedded into them.
Then have the community of the official ranked server go and hunt for clues and such.

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Normally I’m the one to link to that page. Lol.

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