Gmod Games?

Murder TTT prophunt?
if possible those would be alot of fun

I don’t think TTT would be implemented because it is someone elses’ mod/gamemode

This has been suggested TONS of times. Please search before making suggestion posts.
These gamemodes are not only someone else’s, but don’t feel like they fit TUs gameworlds. These are conducive to repeated plays over a long timespan , whereas gameworlds are meant to be enjoyable in one short game before you’re on to the next thing.


Well, they could create a similar one to TTT on the future but it won’t be centered on the terrorist theme.

One theme idea i have is where one character is “possessed” and blends with the other characters.

While I’m fairly certain similar gameworlds to these Gmod gamemodes could be made (I mean, Virus is similar to Zombie Survival at a core level with the gameplay and that is a Gmod Gamemode) I don’t think it’d be good for the enviroment or generally a good use of time.

Prop Hunt has become a small genre and almost every game to make it into something has failed because it simply isn’t fun out of the context of Gmod and the wackiness that happens there.
TTT really has just been only in Gmod forever and making a gameworld out of that would mean they would have to chance a lot of the gameplay to not seem like a direct copy of it, meaning they’d lose what makes TTT great by cutting/changing things.

Now Murder seems like a very fitting choice actually.
Set a time limit on the game that’s visible so the round doesn’t go past say, 5-7 minutes? Make it a bit faster pace, and have only be about 5 rounds. This allows it to be a quick game that doesn’t take ultra long to get through. It doesn’t even have to be short, Little Crusaders does something similar to murder actually, but in a different way.

I’d recommend not Murder be the basis of a gamemode, but a side version of it called Homicide. It allows for more variety in ways of the innocent players to fight back, more variety in ways the Murderer can kill the innocent ones (perhaps a bit of TTT traps that can be used?) and it also allows the players to call the cops if they can’t fight back. Multiple round variants like deathmatch, gun free, wild west, or zombie outbreak can make the game feel different even if it still remains the same gamemode.

claps in thats pretty good

i do know that prop hunt has been in other games, even in some where it doesn’t fit into the main game cough cough call of duty cough cough, but i don’t think prop hunt would fit into tower unite.

I don’t know, I think Prop Hunt would work amazingly in condos. I wouldn’t want it to be a gameworld but if we ever get the necessary tools to be able to play it in condos, I’d be so down for that :stuck_out_tongue:

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actually, now that you say that it would work in condos, i 100% agree with you. that would be amazing!