GMC Transferring stuff, don't mean to annoy anyone

Yo so I got on the other day and noticed I could Transfer my GMC and I tried it out, But it said it was Unsuccessful, didn’t give me a reason but told me to try again later, and then After Doing so It said the same thing so I thought it was just a bug or something and decided to ignore it and wait for it to be fixed, but I come back and I don’t have my Units which is fine but am unsure on how to at least Try Transferring it now, anyone know? and if not, uhh, here’s my steam ID,


Thanks for readin,

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The GMC to Unit Transfer System is still down for maintenance, and I can give no ETA on when it will be back online.

does this imply that previously missing items can be added to the calculation after you made the transfer? Some items where missing when I did my transfer: