GLXY Shortcuts and extra

Hey guys so yea new map means new cuts.
I can say that i enjoyed the map very much.
Thanks devs for the very unique style of the map.
This map is my new favorite because its on space and you know me i love space.
So here are some shortcuts that i found.
Sorry for the lag my pc isn’t the best
Keep in mind that i will update this thread every time i find something new
I hope you can learn something from those videos.

Main=First video that i made for GLXY
Updates=On that tab i will put every new shortcut that i find
Extra=On that tab i will put every fun or smart stuff that i find



LVL 10 UPDATE VERSION 2 (Big thanks to Nate214 for showing me that)


LVL 8 EXPLORING (you can go almost on every level from level 8)
How to finish on the bonus level

All about shortcuts on ball race (Forum Thread)


Ye I like these Shortcut Tutorials. Still waiting for a way to track your best time in-game and leaderboards.

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Those are some pretty good skips, nicely done. I wonder how fast you can do 8 if you manage to land inside instead of on the lip.

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lvl 8 updated

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lvl 9 updated

With the updated version of lvl 8 is way faster i could do it even faster if i wen’t lower

lvl 10 updated

Added extra video: Exploring on lvl 8

That new Level 10 skip looks too damn cool!

I’m off two minds about if something should be done about Level 8.
On one hand I feel that each level should be kept separate from one another. But on the other, this is a race map, so you should be allowed to use any means necessary.

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oh so i am not the only one that thinks that the level 10 cut is awesome :smiley:

and yea about level 8 i don’t know i like it like that because you can explore

I was talking to some goons earlier and we were talking about this exact thing. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with a video game novice such as myself.

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Are you a pornstar, because that’s some next level ball control

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TheWalkingToast exposed :sunglasses:

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a yea a new extra video is coming soon

lvl 2 updated

added extra video “how to finish on the bonus level”

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I love it. Gonna try that one right away

There is an edit function btw. Posting 4 different times in 1 hour is a little much. :wink:

Thanks for the shortcuts, they really help out. I keep failing at the one with the 4 moving platforms though :slight_smile:

don’t stop trying you will do it :slight_smile: