Global mic while in condo

In the Condo settings menu © Add a check box for global mic, so you can hear people friends that are not near you.


I think the way voice chat works in the lobby is that only people near you can hear what youre saying (the farther away you are, the fainter the persons voice gets) meaning that even if you were in the lobby using voice chat in the first place, not everyone could here you. Im not too sure about this, I might be wrong, but thats how I remember it.

The point of the suggestion (as I see it, anyways) isn’t Condo <–> Lobby voice chat, but rather global Condo chat. Or, in other words, everyone in your condo can hear each other, regardless of distance/walls when the option is active.

Something I’d really like too.
Having someone look around my condo and suddenly I can’t hear them due to them being in rooms is kind of annoying if I’m doing something but still want to hear what they are saying.

please implement!!