Global chat absolutely needs moderators

Didn’t think so at first but it’s clear there should be some community moderators.

The sudden influx of new players has turned global into what I thought would happen, constant arguments, racial slurs being thrown around and trolling. People are now spamming Endgame spoilers in chat so I’m going to avoid this game for the time being.

It’s not that all the new players are bad but with the great new community there’s people like this guy I met who was cheating his way though everything with macros said that he bought the game just to troll people and doesn’t care if he gets banned.

We don’t need people like this who just want to ruin the fun for others.

We have moderators and we are actively issuing out bans, we just don’t have a system that tells you when someone is banned.


Would you consider adding a system like that or do you think it wouldn’t be a good idea for a game like TU?


I’d like there to be one. Just these alone can help dissuade people from acting rude.