Glitch in Casino

Casino mathematics not calculated correctly. Video Poker is 1,3, and 5 credits. 5 credits = 25 units. Stay with me. Jackpot is equal to X25 units. This is not how it is calculating however. I won a 73,381 Jackpot which SHOULD have been 1,834,525 credits however the current [broken] mathematics are Hackpot5 which came out to 366,905.

I do not appreciate being shorted something I worked towards.
I see all these other players macroing and I sat here and played legit only to be punished.

Since I am on this and I may have your attention, I’d like to call your mods into the red light. I got a chat ban for telling someone to “****” off. Legit typed ****. While they harassed me and threw up on me for 35mins. If you are going to do this stuff where you censor all the 1st amendment guarantees me, under the constitution I fought for, how about we make it a bit more fair, huh?

What I expected to happen

Jackpot * 25.

What happened

Jackpot*credits which isn’t units but was calculated like it was.

#What you can do about it
You can credit me the remaining amount since your formula was incorrect.
Add 1,467,620 to my total.

I get that it’s early access. And you are working with a small team. I appreciate that you are pouring all of your love into the game. Please make things right so I don’t have to tell people that this game isn’t worth their time and the devs don’t care. There are enough games like that.

Notes / Media

Can provide screenshots.

Jackpot is in credits, not credits x 25. Your bet tier doesn’t multiply it, only adds to the jackpot by the credit amount you bet. Credit worth is different per game. For standard slots a credit is worth 15 units. For video poker and blackjack a credit is worth 5 units.

We also ban/reset macro users.


Alright. This seems a bit misleading because of the slots thing, but I can understand.
Thanks for clearing that up.

I’d like to ask you something directly however. Are you aware your mods remove and ban any opinion that is not theirs entirely? Someone asked on a thread if the game was worth it and because of the harassment I saw and how the mods “handled it” I thought it was not ready for this player to jump into. As such, I was issued a perma ban and my opinion [within the thread] removed.
I want to make it clear that practices like google and amazon where they silence and remove all things but positive reviews is borderline criminal and will not be supported. I can also assure you this is a very poor business model. I truly hope this was not your intention.

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Can you link the thread?
Also it is possible that your post could be deleted cause it was passive aggressive or such
Kind of like “Please make things right so I don’t have to tell people that this game isn’t worth their time and the devs don’t care” which sounded a bit like a threat