Give us a use for trash other than selling or putting in a condo

talking about something like turning in 10 trash items to get a unique bait that has a massively increased chance to give you a rare fish. this would act as a “bad-luck protection” kind of system as for every 10 trash items, you have an increased chance of getting something good.
i’m suggesting this because i have used 90 curly grubs and approximately 75 of them were trash items and only 4 of them actual treasure. now i have a ton of trash that will take me ages to sell for very little return and cannot put into my condo without designating a room as the trash room.

how about a shop That will sell you stuff for trash
maybe in a secret alley theres a npc that needs trash for ‘‘Secret Reasons’’
and will allow you to trade your trash items (no matter what the item is)
into new things!

now these prices are not looked into but a example

Disco Duck - 30 Trash Items
Message in a Bottle - 19 Trash Items
Bongos - 25 trash items
Gem - 60 trash items

while this is not good profit, it’s a better way to use your trash


I would love something like the recycling plant in club penguin. Maybe you could use it to turn trash into a new item or maybe if you recycle a certain amount of items you get a reward.


I like the sound of a TU Recycling program. Redeem enough trash and get as sea dollar or something. NPC that handles this could be the dolphin, or a guy in full dive suit using that enormous helmet from the hats.


These sound good! I’d like to add my proposal as well:

Make the trash cans functional! There’s already dozens of them around the lobby fully modeled and placed, so lots of the visual work is already done. What if we could redeem our trash there?


I’d love for something like this! :smiley:

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give us the ability to eat trash


we can all be dirty trash pandas

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I was just thinking this, like you should be able to fish up a raffle ticket or something to add a gamble factor.

The recycle plant is a super good idea, maybe add craftable items with a list of recycle requirements.

I guess the easiest for them to implement would be npc tasks, to where when you talk to them they ask for specific items to trade, sometimes you just receive units or maybe make special items for the type of vendor you’re trading with.

Relevant topic we were discussing these ideas before: