Give to Charity, Get some Games


It’s no free game promotion, but this is still a pretty darn good deal. Right now, Humble Bundle is hosting the Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017 Bundle. This bundle currently offers 5 games (plus 3 additional items), with 23 more days with mystery items yet to be unlocked. According to Hunble Bundle, that’s $847 of games and other items for only $35. On top of that, 100% of the money you give goes straight to charity! If you’re looking for a good deal or just another excuse to give to charity, here’s something to look at.

As of my latest edit, the $35+ bundle officially includes the following:

…plus 23 more days of unannounced items!

I might keep that list updated, but no promises.


It appears that I am unable to edit the original anymore. I’ll have to make new replies if I want to keep this updated. So, without further ado, here’s what’s been unlocked on December 3rd:

Day 4’s presents have been unwrapped!

I’ll edit this one until it is also uneditable before making a new reply.


Two days seems to be the editing limit for posts, so here’s to a new day of revealed goodies. Remember, it’s only $35 to get everything currently revealed as well as everything yet to be revealed! So, for Day 5 we’ve got…

The Day 6 gift drop has landed.


Day 7 is upon us, run for your lives!

Some might say it’s day 8 of December. They’d be right.


Day 9 brings a collection of interesting titles.

The double digits of day 10 have arrived with a duo of distractions.




With day 11 comes some board game content.

Grab some friends for the multiplayer focused day 12 content.


Day 13: now playing.

Some indie titles are present for day 14.


Day 15 arrives with a grab bag of genres.


I took too long and now I can’t edit day 16 into the previous post D:

A twin stick schmup, a tower defense title, and a classic card game await in day 17.


The 18th day has arrived.

Get some mileage with these travel-focused day 19 games.


We’ve hit the two zero! Day 20’s items are here.

12/21 is a palindrome, unlike day 21’s games.


An assortment of small games comes with day 22.

My dad made a joke about today being Christmas Adam, because it comes before Christmas Eve.


The sale is almost over. After day 24, there’s just one more selection of gifts before the whole bundle is revealed.


Merry Christmas! The full bundle has been revealed, and these are the last revealed items.

The sale still goes until the end of the month, so you’ve got time to spare if you’re still thinking about it. With that, I can stop updating this thread and leave you fine folk with one less unread thread to deal with.