Give other players permission to place down things in your condo

It would be neat to see a feature where you’re able to give someone the ability to move things in your condo and place down things that belongs to them inside your condo.

After a player is trying to place an item that belongs to them, a message should pop up warning them that the item that their about to place down will no longer belong to them and instead be given to the owner of the condo. (Items that once belonged to another player that has been placed down in your condo should not be able to be sold by the owner of the condo if money glitching is a concern)

If this feature wouldn’t be a thing, at least implement a feature where you can give others permission to edit things in your condo. (Don’t know if that already is a thing though.)

This is the next major update.


Aah my bad. I should’ve checked the trello before i posted this…
I can’t seem to remove the post though.

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if this id the case they need to clarify they make it sound like they wuld olny be able to use your props and not there own

That’s because that is how it will work; in co-op condos people can only use the condo’s owner’s items. Letting people use their own items in other condos is a planned feature but it’s not going to be available when co-op condos first release

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