Give more robust control over canvas primitives

There is a huge amount of potential here for custom builds if we could get better control over prims.

In no particular order:

  • Individual textures for each face
  • More control over texture mapping (tint, rotation, tiling, etc)
  • Free movement without needing to place on other objects
  • Free rotation on any/all axes
  • More precise xyz scaling (flat units rather than percentages of overall scale)
  • Higher limits on prim sizes, probably about 5x of current max size would be reasonable
  • Being able to select and move multiple prims at once

These are all features of advanced condo tools, which is on trello.



Any chance the texture features could be added?

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If we could have something like a template (like the daikamura) of the unfolded shape that would be wonderful, I have a lot of box shaped things that aren’t the same on all sides.

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