Give knights the ability to drown

One of the long time issues with Mystic Grove is that knights can camp in the water and be unkillable. I was playing earlier and thought, what if you stay in the water for too long, you just drown and die.

Maybe something like 30-ish seconds of being able to be under water, a five second bit of warning where there’s a visual and auditory cue to let players know they gotta get up before they die, and then they just sorta pop. The 30 second number is because that’s roughly three times the length of the scare time, so you can at least hide in the water to camp out being scared, but you can’t just sit there the whole match, and by the time you run out of air the dragon will be able to roar again.

People could still use this to camp, but having to come up to the surface to breathe would give the dragon an opportunity to bite or stomp them as they resurface.