Getting workshop maps noticed

So I was thinking of some way to get a workshop map noticed. So here is what I was thinking…
You’re queuing up for a gamemode and you have a map that has gone through the (what I assume is going to happen) verification process, so you can suggest it to be voted on when the queue is ready to go. If it gets voted on and is played, at the end it will ask players to rate the map so it can be properly scored on the workshop.


Is there a way to make maps for TU?

Yes, you make it in UE4 and when the workshop for TU is up and running we’ll be able to upload them.

You know, I actually really like this idea. A simple idea that could add a lot to the table.

EDIT: Perhaps the map’s current rating (if available) would be displayed next to it’s name? Just so that people have some idea as to what they’re getting into.

Ohh, I thought you needed a special SDK or something. I like this idea.

This would be cool, however I feel like somehow some players will abuse this someway. Or people in chat constantly going “Yo come check out my map in virus, its super cool”

Then you should just ignore them, workshop will be available to everyone and this is going to happen regardless. (Oi you, check out my mod!)

I really hope this doesn’t end up like CSGOs workshop, where every comment on everything is “Cool! Check out my sticker it’s a copyrighted anime picture that definitely wont bring legal action if all the 12 year old kids vote it into the game!”