Getting access to the alpha

I was wondering if there was a way to get access to the alpha anymore, as I missed the indiegogo

Sadly no, as backing the indiegogo was the only way to get alpha access. You’ll have to wait until early access happens in April 2016.

I thought it was March. Did they delay it?

I thought it was always April?

Could care less if they delay it to June. I’d rather it be polished than forced.


It wasn’t delayed. We’ve always said Mid 2016 or March-April 2016.

Ah, ok.

Our budget runs dry in April 2016. Games are not cheap to make.

We did recently get some help and added new developers to our work force: Mr. Sunabouzu (12 hours a week), Sam (pro-bono, give him some love), and Krionikal (pro-bono, give him some love also).