Get the Yogscast to come back and do some challenges in this

I actually found the Yogscasts’ video on GMod Tower quite entertaining. I am not much of a fan of theirs, but after their videos it was next to impossible to find a spot in one of the servers. It may actually bring people to playing the game. However, the downside is that they have a lot of younger audience. It may bring the younger people to the game, and we don’t want this to become a new XBox Live…

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Contacting YouTubers is already planned, but not until Mac sees it fit.
Probably around Early Access release, I’d guess.

younger kids will come either way

I said about this months ago. See Mac’s replys there

Im actually trying to build up my Youtube Channel so when TU comes out I can help raise awareness of it :3

An even better idea: Have the Yogscast and GameGrumps go head-to-head in various challenges. Maybe Mac could devise a scavenger hunt to find various items throughout the world. It would help promote the game’s lobby and such.

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I’d say good luck to anyone who could arrange that considering even Yogscast themselves never responded to the TU Indiegogo / Kickstarter.

Yeah, as far as I’m aware they still do this unless a game gets popular with other people first.

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I’m sorry, but you’re very optimistic. I’ll be suprised if they even respond.


The Yogscast aren’t that bad. And they do a lot of G-mod stuff and HAVE done tower before. So im sure they would love to help support something like this