General suggestions for a better experience

  1. For character creation, we should have as much options as possible. The customization is incredibly bare-bones. More hair options, the ability to morph our character’s faces in any way, being able to choose our character’s clothes as apposed to just choosing premade outfits. Basically, make the character customization exactly like the Sims character creation, and I’ll be happy.

  2. More pets and tweaking of already made pets. Add stuff like a lizard that follows you around, an eagle that sits on your shoulder, a guinea pig that follows you around in his ball, stuff like that. Also, change the pets that are already in the game. I hate that the doge pet is just a ball with ears and a dog face that rolls around, make it an actual dog with legs and a collar and stuff.

  3. Add more furniture, like maybe cool other styles of couches, sofas, chairs, sinks, toilets, etc. Also, more interactable items for your condo, Like a playable guitar (acoustic and electric, with different swappable styles) in your condo, so you could basically start a band in the game.

  4. The computer monitors, tablets, TVs, and stuff shouldn’t just be able to play videos, they should have an interface. Like the computers have a parody of windows, and you can browse the internet on the games computer and things like that.

  5. We should have emotes, like waving, dancing, sitting on the floor, laying on the floor, nodding, shaking your head, etc. It would be a very fun thing to play around with in game, and it would also be useful in a lot of situations.

  6. The boardwalk area needs more rides to make it like an amusement park, because as is, it only has a rollercoaster and a ferris wheel, and that’s it.

  7. More equippable items, we have the confetti gun, the bubble gun, the pets, and other things. We need more! Whatever you guys think would be fun to just play around with.


  1. It would be a good thing to be able to vote to kick certain players, so people can’t AFK in games to get money, or at least, make it so if you are AFK in a game for 5 minutes, they are automatically kicked. The vote-kick system would also be useful in plaza servers.

  2. Ball race is more bare-bones then it used to be. Like in GMTower, it would be cool to customize your ball, giving it different shapes and colours and putting decals on it. It would also be cool to buy power-ups to use, like speed boosts and stuff like that. It would also be cool to be able to make your own courses, so the official ones don’t get too boring.

  3. Virus is bare-bones too. It would be cool to have more maps, but that is most likely to happen. It would also be cool to choose a loadout, instead of getting random weapons each time. As well as being able to select your weapons, you should be able to put attachments on your guns, like putting a red dot sight on your handgun, or maybe sawing off the barrel of the DB.

  4. Minigolf has some things that need to be improved. It would be cool to be able to build your own courses, like I suggested for ball race.

  5. More games in the casino, like Craps, blackjack, roulette, you know. Stuff like that would be cool.

  6. The trivia needs tweaking, you should be able to vote for the category instead of having the game choose one at random.

  7. Laser Tag needs a loadout system like I suggested for Virus, As well as being able to put attachments on our guns, again, like I suggested for Virus.

I think that’s a good amount of stuff to add, you don’t have to add all this stuff, as I understand a lot of this could be incredibly strenuous on the game, if it’s too stressing on the game, then feel free to not add it, or tweak it slightly. Thanks for reading my post!

A lot of this is planned or has been discussed beforehand, don’t worry. Many of these are neat ideas.

I especially agree with the #2 about pets. The ball pets just don’t sit right with me…

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Character customization is still planned. We are focusing on gameplay first, though.

Condo Pets are planned:
The pets that follow you around in the Plaza are themed and meant to be weird and different.

We are always adding new furniture and interactive items for the Condo. Playable Guitar is planned (

Interactable mediaplayer is something we wish to add. An interface that is similar to an OS is not planned, but with the Arcade API and Workshop - the community can make it.

Player Emotes are also planned ( We have been working on replacing the locomotion animation set before tackling this. We only have two animators on the team right now (one for weapon animations and one for player animations), but they’ll get to it in due time.

We are planning to add a shooting gallery ride ( Other than that, we have no current plans to add more boardwalk rides as we prefer games or a boardwalk activity that players can repetitively enjoy.

More equippable items are on their way.

We have debated adding votekick for Game Worlds. It is still being decided. Players who are AFK do not get Units in Game Worlds. Plaza will never have votekick, though. We are gearing up for an improve moderation system and report system for Plaza, though.

Upgrades are in the works ( You’ll be able to change out your ball shape and other visual only features. We don’t want to have unlockable upgrades that effect gameplay, however. We do have mutators also planned due to our Indiegogo stretch goal that will have optional gameplay changing settings for Game Worlds. Custom-made courses have yet to be officially announced, but could happen with Steam Workshop.

More maps are on their way, we just released a new Virus map called Solar. Again, Upgrade Store could include weapon attachments and such. We don’t want to do selected loadouts for Virus, though. Randomly selected weapon loadouts is a vital part of Virus’s gameplay.

As stated above, Steam Workshop could have custom-made courses, but it has not been officially announced and it would be a huge announcement.

We plan to have an additional Casino update at some point.

Randomized categories are most likely here to stay, but we have discussed a condo owned trivia game where you can select categories.

Laser Tag will have an update at some point. It was designed from the beginning to have additional gametypes with the possibility of different weapons. Plaza games could have upgrades at some point where possible (such as bowling with the different bowling balls).

Thanks for the suggestions!


Thanks for clearing up a bunch of these things, Mac. The pets that follow you around that are themed are a little strange, but I can live with it, I guess it’s not too bad. I also understand that adding more rides to the boardwalk would be incredibly difficult as you’d need to change up the map, and that might not go over well. I understand that the randomized loadouts in a lot of these games are vital to gameplay, but I think that it’d be more enjoyable the way I suggested, but hey, it’s your game and your rules.

I’m glad you’re constantly listening to the community and tweaking your game based on our suggestions. Not a lot of developers do that nowadays and it’s great that you are doing what many developers have forgotten to do, just please don’t let that power go to your head. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I cannot wait to hear more about this! Even if it doesn’t payout, that would still be a welcome condo activity to enjoy with friends. Especially being able to custom choose categories that you want.


I have a few more suggestions if you’ll check them out.

  1. I’m assuming Accelerate will be a racing game, correct? It would be cool if we could buy cars, and customize them visually and performance-wise, what I’m thinking is a Need For Speed Underground 2 level of customization, if it’s going to be a kart game, then this could still work, just to a lesser extent.

  2. I have an entire game to suggest. It’s a top-down randomly generated dungeon crawler that you compete in with other ghost players to see who can collect the most gold. You run through, finding items to help you out, opening chests to find items or gold, slaying monsters to earn gold, etc. I think the community of TU would really like it.

  3. I would love to have a 1-4 player rhythm game like Rock Band, where you compete to see who can amass the most score from hitting notes. Whoever gets the most points, comes in first. I’m assuming you know what I’m talking about. If it’s possible, we could download songs off the workshop that other people have charted out, like if you were to mod in a song in Rock Band.

  4. This should be obvious, but put in steam achievements, and if you earn an achievement, you get a cool prize to use in the game, whether it be a furniture item, or an equip-able item, or even a pet.

I’ll update with more if I think of more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Achievements are also already planned. Seriously, is it so hard to search before you suggest something?

Also as far as I know, they don’t take gameworld suggestions.

Make sure your suggestion hasn’t been suggested in the forums already by searching topics before you post.

Performance mods for Accelerate doesn’t make any sense. Immediately breaks the balance and neutralizes the benefit of player skill.

Doesn’t work that way… Putting licensed tracks on the Workshop is instant copyright infringement.

Pretty sure you can have copyrighted stuff on the workshop, as long as it’s not affiliated with the actual game and its devs.

True, but I would like visual upgrades in Accelerate, it would be really cool, like NFSU2 levels of customization. Also, the copyright thing, I see how that wouldn’t work. I just thought it would be a really cool idea, but I guess not everything can be done.

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what’s with the flagging?


People on these forums like flagging others as “off-topic” for having different opinions sometimes.