General feelings about the game and what i'd want in TU

As an OG player from GMT, i’m nitpicking the issues i have w/ the game, and so far:

  • No reload sounds, or general footstep noises in virus and lobby? (It’s really weird on virus when you reload the shotgun and it doesn’t make any sound cues)
  • No speed shoes or an effect like the old take on me ball milestone? (Also kinda unfair that indiegogo people only got that item, just make so we can buy it aswell, without the cool look i guess?)
  • Will you bring maps like Downtown and HQ to Little Crusaders? they used to be my fav maps
  • Can the text hat be a thing too? Missed that as well.
  • Will you be adding milestone/achievements?
  • Will ball race and other gamemodes have their own little shops where you can buy other balls/items etc for that specific gamemode?

­1. There are footstep sounds, at least in the lobby, but they’re really low in volume for some reason. Not too sure why, but they’re in the game, so it’s something the devs already have considered.

­2. [quote=“macdguy, post:2, topic:24285, full:true”]
We do have plans to have a speed shoe equivalent, but it will not look the same.

­3. They might come back once they start adding more LC maps, though probably not in entirety. For example, I believe Market (layout-wise) was heavily influenced by Club Titiboo, but the major issues with the map (cramped movement as the dragon, etc.) were tweaked or removed.
Workshop support is planned, but whether custom map support will be a thing is unknown. If it is, there’s also a possibility of someone just porting the maps over.

­4. The text hat was voted on as a possible reward for GMT donors, but didn’t make first place. Might still be considered as a possible future item, or could be something for workshop to handle.




Also to add on to @CarbonCopyCat, the weapon reload sounds are not done yet because we are not finished with the animations in Virus yet.

they said in a developer stream that there will be other items that make you fast, but not as fast as the backer speed shoes.

I’d like to add pet sounds to that list