General_Eco's Condo (WIP)

Welcome to My Condo Showcase!

After lots of work I’ve finally polished my condo the way I wanted it. A small piece of this condo is a recreation of my GMT condo, mainly just the loft part, the rest I just built as I went one area at time! Even though I’ve got a lot of stuff in my condo, it is still a work in progress! I’m always adding more to other areas and still have plans for the roof and ocean areas. I’ll post more as it comes. Lemme know what ya think! :smile_cat:

The Entrance

Living Room

Dinning Area

The Loft - Outside View

The Loft - Inside

The Loft - Mini-Theater



Office - Side Hall

Office - Lounge


Outdoors - Bar

Sunset View

That’s all for now! See you guys around the tower! :watermelon::two_hearts:


That’s a really good looking condo!
I was always thinking of adding some build similiar to the fourth pictrue to my condo. Not sure when I will actually get to doing that though, hardly been playing TU in a while.

This is pretty cool, keep up the good work!

9/20/16 Update:

  • Added a nightclub named “Juicy Melon” to the roof

  • Starunits location in the garden Source

  • Basement finished as a cluttered storage area

  • Added/moved stuff around in my previous areas


Nightclub Entrance:


Bar & Seating:

Dance Floor (Now with laser lights!):

Dance Pole:

Basement (Before):

Basement (After):


That is all for now but there is more yet to come! :smile_cat:

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