Garrys Mod Reference

Okay, Im not sure if I saw this from someone else or not, but I couldnt find the post i was thinking of so im going to recommend this anyway.

There should be a very subtle easter egg where a rusty old lowercase g (gmod logo) washes up on the beach on very rare occasions.

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This seems like a good idea, show off where TU used to be :smiley:

Or maybe something that users who played Gmod Tower could hang in their condos, much like the plate.

I would love this.

It would be nice if we could keep the plate as it is now, but I would imagine there would be copyright infringement as technically the Gmod logo is owned by Garry Newman, so there would probably need to be some edits made to it.

Or they could just ask for permission.
Not really sure if Garry cares.

I can’t find it, but there was a thread some time ago tossing around the idea of being able to go back to Lobby One and have it be either overgrown or in a Pyrovision-esque design, almost like a dream.

Yeah, garry is a cool guy i doubt he would care.

Better to get express permission than to assume and find out to the contrary though.

Hmm…I’m not sure if he’s trademarked the “g”.

Well obviously they’d ask anyway

I’ll get a link for it since I have a lot of comments in that thread.

As far as this goes I like both combined. If the gmod logo washes up you can interact and get a version you can hang in your condo

EDIT: Tower Unite Idea! Lobby 1 returns in a different form

Here’s the lobby 1 returns thread.

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