Gameworld Upgrade Ideas

Hello. I have some suggestions for some possible purchasable upgrades for the gameworlds, purchasable at the upgrade shop next to Rob’s Imports:

Minigolf: *Ability to change hole-in-one firework effect/sound, just like the fireworks available at Celebrations, or maybe change the explosion to Confetti, Bubbles, Streamers, or anything else.
*Ability to change the trail from the ball as it travels around the course.

Ball Race: *Ability to change ball shape (obviously)
*Ability to add a ball trail, much like I explained in minigolf
*Ability to change the melons to other fruits (except bananas) or objects (cuboids)
*Ability to purchase consumables that increase performance, but for one game only (such as extra lives or speed/maneuverability/low gravity

And this is what I can think of so far. If you have any other ideas for the gamemodes, add it to the thread! Thanks for your reading and listening to my ideas!


I like all of these ideas! Except for…

This one. For obvious reasons, purchasable advantages are lame.


Low gravity would be good if there would be no payout when selected.


If this applied to all players during the round, I think it’d be pretty fun.
But a solo-consumable that gives an advantage, nah.