Games sign bug

Since no one decided to reply to my post about this on GMTower forums, I figured I would post it here. My Games sign and the signs for each game above each gamemode port are broken. The Games sign is floating in the air inside the wall, and the signs for each game above each port are turned around backwards. I’ve been told that this was because I didn’t remove the Lobby 2 Beta content correctly, and I don’t know if this is the case because I already removed the Beta content from my maps and materials folder (which fixed my problem with the ferris wheel). If anyone can help me with this, it will be appreciated. Screenshots coming later

You need to remove the Beta content from your models folder as well.

I removed everything from my models folder and it’s still broken

Have you checked your addon folders?

Since this appears to be a bug about the Game Signs, I will go on and ask since it’s not worth creating a full thread.

Is the missing texture in the Source Karts port a thing that’s been happening for a while? Or is it due to myself not having one of the games mounted correctly?

I removed most of the things that said GMT2_Lobby2 (the beta content stuff) and I may have already removed something from the addons folder since I removed some stuff a while ago (which fixed the ferris wheel). If it’s ok I can just screenshot the contents of my garrysmod folders and someone can help me figure out the problem.