Games Leaving Penalty

Hello. I would love to Suggest and small little thing called Penalty for the Games here on Tower Unite. Most of times when I for example Host any game for lets say Virus or Little Crusaders. There’s always people that Joins the games and a moment after Leaves. this makes most of times it nearly Impossible to get anything up because of these so called Jumpers coming to check the games and a moment after Leave.For example Virus requires 4 people to start a game and most of times you get a lot of these Jumpers checking you out but never ever stay long enough to get the game actually up and even then when the game might get up people stays let’s say couple rounds and Leaves. which totally does Ruin the game as well cause not enough people on the games. Like for Example Virus you need 4 people to Begin the game and if like worst possible case would be that 2 people leaves and game continues with 2 people meaning that it will always be the other person or same person every single time that’s Infected (Hunter) and then the game takes too long when there’s no people. Also for Little Crusaders. Which needs 3 people to begin the game. Pretty much the same over there as well A lot of times Jumpers comes check you out which makes a lot more harder times to times to get the games up due these Jumpers. So the thing what I’m suggesting here is to make an Penalty for these Leavers that joins and Leaves cause that would make people think twice before Leaving from a game and most times It is just Annoying to try host a game and see people joining and leaving joining and Leaving. it’s like never ending Cyckle there. And Even harder to get most of these game modes up because none playes them so that gives those few people hard time to get their favourite game up when they aren’t even that much active.

seeing this would make such a diffrence in a bad way. tower unite is a place where you can almost do anything you want, and just having to leave a SERVER HOSTED game would be pointless


I disagree. Punishing people for simply leaving servers sounds drastic and unnecessary.


Heavysteam - I think the Op is talking about players who don’t stick around in games that need more than 1 person (Virus, Planet Panic, Little Crusaders, Lazer tag -though they don’t menition that - etc) rather than hosts who close the connection. I didn’t see them suggest preventing folk from hosing in their post at all.

I placed a suggestion on rewarding hosts who ran a game to its end more regularly than dropping the connection as I feel a reward in effect a smiley face badge nothing more than that - is much better than a penalty. After all we don’t know why the player/host has left and it would be wrong to judge someone for occationally dropping out of a game - whoever they are. I never suggested preventing anyone from hosting. So I am confused as to why you have placed what appears to be an unedited reply to that thread here.

In any case people are sort of punished for leaving a game as they don’t get the rewards for playing - perhaps a moot point but there you are.

That said I have never been able to play Little Crusaders or Laser tag. You just seem to hang around and no-one joins. Aren’t these popular? Both sound fun.

You do know it’s the exact same thing, just with players instead of a host.
So the points i linked to are pretty valid as to why having a system that punishes people for disconnecting before a game begins or during easily could go awry.

And why exactly does it matter that the guy i linked to hasnt edited his reply?

As for finding laser tag sessions, try the most populated servers and ask around to find people that wanna play laser tag, or get a group of ingame friends to join you.

I forgot where I talked about this recently, but basically I’ll sum it up here.

There has to be a reason to stick around and milestones and exp are it. You can’t gain exp or get milestones if you leave the game early.

Giving more incentives to stick around is the key to this issue.


I agree Mac, and appologies to Heaveysteam I assumed you had copied your post not someone elses - (perhaps the forum could be amended so that such quotes keep their author’s details?) I have not looked at my suggestion for a long time as the general consencus appeared to be ‘ain’t going to happen.’ However to re-terate I never stated that a host should be penalised, prevented from hosting etc. Rather that some kind of badge be alloted to those folk who take the time to host and run the game until the end. It would never be perfect - no system is - but it would, perhaps, give players a better chance of seeing if a host was one who lost/closed the connection more frequently than someone else. I confess I don’t see the point about farming rep, I mean it would take way too long, and just so you could then really hack players off? You’d get a poor name v quickly if you did.

I have just had 4 games of mini-golf end when the host lost/closed the connection one after the other. Ok I wasn’t doing well on any of them but it was still frustrating.

When ever I host an game for any game modes. I never ever had left any of my games before they actually are end. Meaning that for example I had waited for couple hours to get an Virus game up due to it’s needs for 4 people. Because I have my patience for it. Still it’s sad thing to see that people don’t have patience to wait a bit to get game up to have a bit of fun here and there. Still to mention. I Run Every single Game mode here on Tower Unite. for now I’m not keeping Ball Race active due to the Player Model switiching Issue. cause I’m personally still waiting for that Hotfix to come out. That said I’m also Hosting Planet Panic these days. Sure It’s not as Rewarding as any other game mode but it’s still an game mode and I’ve get some games actually up which I’m greatful. But yeah I still wish that there would be a bit more Patient people here and people that actually wanna play games together instead of leaving right after they join the games.

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No offence, but at that point it’s no longer about patience, but rather about not wanting to waste several hours waiting to get a game of an average online shooter running.

Anyway, in my personal opinion, if people thought a gameworld was worth waiting for, they would wait. Be it for fun gameplay or rewards.

That being said, when I play the game, I see players come together and wait for others somewhat regularly. Not sure why, but in my experience, things aren’t as bad as you’re making them out to be.