Gameplay Mutators for Round Amounts, Weapon Frequency/Banning, & CS-style per-round Buy Wheel

I feel like instead of just limiting to exclusively 2 rounds per game, it would be more fun to let the host pick how many rounds they want the game to go for when they set it up.

But also, if we had something like a Smash Bros-style list of each weapon in the game, and you got to increase the frequency at which you got some (particularly making them Always in your inventory), and also Ban some that you don’t want to use that would be very fun. Specifically for like, non-Arena/Insta Gib gametypes I feel.

Finally I think it’d be fun if we had another mutator where you’d start with a set amount of money, and there was implemented a screen at the beginning of the game you could access- like the one from Counter Strike- which would let you choose certain weapons you could buy. Perhaps make them permanent for the round, and then go away the next one so you have to play good to buy more? Would be fun.