Gamemode: Survival

A group of survivors must stay alive for a few in game days as hordes of monsters attack them.

Players can use props scattered around the map to make makeshift defenses that could hold back the monsters (However the monsters can eventually break through them), there will be a night / day cycle, the day being short they can build and gather supplies and weapons, each day the monsters get stronger but the loot gets better, the long nights would consist of large hordes of the monsters attacking the players.

I was trying to use non-specific words because I want this to be an un-decorated idea so they could take it and implement what they might think will suit the Tower’s style.

You mean like ZM but more in depth and down to earth?

Well maybe with something more interesting with zombies and it wouldn’t have to be on earth, as i say in the P.S. I want them to implement what they think fits Tower Unite best into the Weapons, Maps, etc. but generally yes (and not from a birdseye view)

Also I updated it to make it a bit cleaner :wink:

So basically yet another version of the bad half-baked games on Steam Early Access, but in Tower Unite?

Ahahah, very true, very true. That shit has saturated Early Access.

Remember The Forest Alpha 0.0.1? That was so shameful

Ran like shit.

And yet, they made it into Early Access. What were those guys thinking?

They thought they were Ubisoft, who can actually get away with shit optimisation.

While the gamemode would be undoubtedly fun, it isn’t very original as there are plenty of outside games that do this already.

Plus, I’d like to see more game worlds that aren’t zombie-based. We already have Virus and Zombie Massacre, so another zombie killing game would be like white noise.

This would probably be way too complex for a TU gamemode, since most of the gamemodes that exist already are fairly simple.
For example:

  • Ball Race: Grab cuboids, get to the end.
  • Little Crusaders: Eat knights, kill dragon.
  • Virus: Tag but with guns.

Since all the gamemodes are pick-up-and-play type things, I’d say no to this. (It also seems pretty generic, so there’s that too.)

@Cakemagic Did you read the P.S.? if they do put some time into it it could suit tower unite
@CarbonCopyCat That is kind of true but perhaps they could take the idea and compress it to make it a bit less complex, as I said I wish for this to be an un-decorated idea that they can shape any way they want.

I feel sometimes breaking simplicity is a very good thing, especially for TU. It gives something more rewarding mentally and for your pocket, as well as bringing players who passed up TU because everything is too simple and casual (and how could any of those be bad things?)