Gamemode Queueing?

Since the old model of having a separate server for each gamemode is being replaced with player hosted gamemodes, how will the queue system work? Will there still be only one group at a time, or will multiple instances of the gamemode be able to run? Will players still be able to get back on if they get disconnected? What else should I know about the new system?

I want to know this aswell lol!

I believe that the game modes will be tied to the server you are on

Mac said that gamemodes are hosted by players. I don`t what it means.

###It’s gonna be more like “Gamemode Matchmaking”

Players will queue up and the server will pick the best player from the group to Host the gamemode.
That player’s computer then starts a server running that gamemode and the other players are redirected to that.

This gets players into gamemodes quicker, reduces server load, and connects players with the best possible host (sometimes even better than the lobby server itself).

###The underlying mechanics of this will work similar to Left4Dead’s system.
The lobby server acts as the matchmaker and will either pick a player to host the server, or find an empty dedicated server to dump the group into (depending on what works best for ALL players).

After the gamemode has run it’s cycle, each player’s client instance will follow a breadcrumb trail back to the server they were transported from.

All the players have to worry about is grouping up with some friends and mashing Play. :smile:

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But what if the host will lost connection? Players will be transported with same person from same Lobby?

I think it will be like COD maybe? Finding another host & once it finds the NEXT best host the game continues on?