Gamecube in Tower Unite :^)


I was bored and my friend Sunnyy challenged me to make a gamecube controller so I ended up with this on accident :stuck_out_tongue:




I need a closer screenshot of that controller, it looks too perfect !


Damn that’s good!


I’ve also made a Nintendo switch, this was a pain because of the curves on the joycons .-.


Nice! We need that grouper tool now that the scalar makes stuff like this so much more flexible.


I would love to just copy the whole build and move it easily cause now i gotta move this thing to a different area or condo :stuck_out_tongue:


how do you even build that? That looks amazing, especially the controller plus the switch


I would assume he just scaled down a bunch of canvases.


So. scaled down oval canvasses for the controller, wait do oval canvasses even exist


They’re just sphere/cylinder canvases scaled down more on one axis.