Game World Catsacks?

My friend recently showed me a picture of a collection of Catsacks I previously didn’t know existed. Each one seemingly themed around the Game Worlds.

I’ve been playing this game since right before Halloween 2017 and have never seen these before. However, I missed the Halloween 2019 event because my old computer died on me (and I missed some of the best items it seems). I don’t remember these Catsacks from the Summer 2019 event, so were they added in the Halloween 2019 event? And what do they contain (if they have unique drops)?

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They’re not currently obtainable in any way (no matter the time of year, etc), but are planned to be obtainable as xp rewards for playing their respective gameworld. Actual items aren’t confirmed, but they’ll be items related to the gameworld (e.g. something like placeable bumpers for your condo (hypothetically)).

As to why some people have them, when the whole achievement/milestone update dropped, they (and some other future-but-not-released-yet items were accidentally set as prizes for certain milestones (I’m thinking theater, but :woman_shrugging:). The other items were removed from players inventories, but the catsacks remained as they’re going to be obtainable normally anyways and they aren’t currently openable.


Ah, thank you!

I wonder if these Catsacks are planned to be dropped in one go (once every Game World is completed) or if we’ll eventually get them in their own update. Hopefully they’d give us items to build our own Minigolf / Ball Race Courses in our condos.

I think they’re also going to have upgrades in them but I’m not sure


Are you able to share the image here? I’m very interested in the future of catsacks :laughing:

It’s in the condo workshops I think under “all catsacks”

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