Game mode idea, "Birbinators"


Would be a dogfighting game where each side would have to protect or destroy the opposing teams zeppelin while it makes its way to the opposing teams bomb sight. You would be able to pick between three planes: A fast single wing plane with low armor, ok guns and good speed and ok maneuverability, next would be a biplane that has slow speed and ok good maneuverability but would be perfect for taking out the enemies zeppelin due to the heavy cannons it would have. The last would be a gyrocopter, one of these things It would have light armour, light guns but could strafe and very quick to turn. The speed would be sub par though. The zeppelins would have small MG turrets that would defend it but the bullets would have low damage and travel, just would prolong the game a bit.

The maps would be things such as: A large older city with just the tips of the building sticking out of the clouds, the bomb zone on each side would be a bank, a rainy windy forrest map with massive trees, the goals would be two Mayan temples, one with a cat and one with a dog from planet panic, and also a dessert map with massive sandstone collums to act as obstacles


Is this 3d? 2d?


3D, 2D wouldnet work for escort stuffs


This reminds me of the first game I’ve ever played (Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge) and I need this in my life


Hell yeah man, that’s where I got the inspiration from.





good idea, upgrades could be new planes, i mean it works, but try and suggest these things when pixeltail are done with all the gameworlds, still like the concept.