Game Idea: Furniture drop

So, this was a game I used to play on CokeMusic years and years ago when it was still a thing…I think they might have played it on Habbo Hotel too.

Basically you have an empty room and furniture randomly drops from the sky one at a time (like couches, stools, chairs and other things you can sit on.) and everybody races to get a seat and you keep going until 1 person is left and then that 1 person gets eliminated. You then reset and keep going until there is one winner.

i love this idea! maybe inside a furnished room though.

can i host it to scam people like in habo?


Huh. Kinda like Tetris meets Musical Chairs. Sounds fun.

Oh Jesus Christ I remember playing this on Habbo. These are memories that should remain suppressed.

+1 tho

Sounds like an interesting idea to me, voted.

By the way, what was CokeMusic? Was it a kind of Club penguin or Habbo style game?


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This suggestion just reminded me that we can’t sit on lounge chairs or bathtubs

Haha I read the title and immediately thought “Furni Fall” from Habbo. That was my jam when I was a kid. Also CokeMusic holy shit. The fact Coke had an Urban Music themed Habbo hotel is so weird. You could even get exclusive furniture through Coke Reward Points for a while.

I played both of those to death as a kid, more Habbo but I’m pretty sure CokeMusic furniture was free since it was just a giant ad.