Game freezes when using voice chat 100% of the time

pressing the voice chat key freezes my game for about 2 seconds. Then when I let go of voice chat it freezes for another 2 seconds. I can talk, the voice chat works but I don’t want to talk in game if it means my game will freeze everytime.

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What is your hardware?

any help?

I have the same problem, how can i fix this annoying thing?

I don’t know for sure if this can help in this freezing situation, but it has helped others who weren’t able to talk at all, so I suppose it’s worth a try.

First, just to ensure you’re dealing with the correct microphone device in the next step: make sure that the correct microphone is selected in your Steam voice settings, where you can also listen to the selected microphone to check:

Then try and change the sampling rate of your microphone in the settings window of your microphone as demonstrated here: Setup your microphone sample rate correctly - Voicemod - Voice Changer - YouTube. You may even be able to change it back to what it was.

Again, these steps are only confirmed as useful for players for whom voice chat has not worked at all. Let me know if this helps in this situation!

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I fixed the problem restarting the game

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