Game Files for diffrent games?

Im not talking about roms and emulators, but is there a way to download the files needed for whatever you need? I have been interested in Elevator Source for a while now, but I dont have Half Life 2. Is there a way to gain the files needed without actually owning the game?

Well yeah, there obviously is. One way is to just a find a site/simply place which hosts the game files so you can download them. Even though this is not very legal, you can still try it. But the best thing to do in this case is to just buy the game really. That’s what I did with the EP1, 2 and CS:S content.

I’d post the link, but mac considers it warez - even if it doesn’t really let you pirate the game and just gives you the textures & such.

You are still downloading something that a team of developers spent hours of hard work on and deserve to be paid for, just because it isn’t the full game doesn’t mean they don’t deserve compensation.

Just search a bit through the web of webs (I’m reffering to Google, ofc) and you will soon find those files and some installation instructions. I did so to have the CSS content

Im just going to save up for the game, thank you guys for the help.

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Just be sure you don’t just get Half-Life 2, as that doesn’t have all the required textures for Elevator: Source. You’d probably want to get Half-Life 2: Episode 2. I’m pretty sure that covers most of the textures you need. I don’t know about CS:S though.

Personally though, I’d advise getting Half-Life 2 along with Ep1 and 2. That way if you decide to play the actual game, you know what’s going on.