Game Difficulties

I know that difficulties are planned for ZM, but I just have a few ideas that might be fun.
Ideas are a li’l iffy, and mainly suggested for fun. Feedback would be helpful!

Easy Mode

Easy mode spawns less zombies at a time, has weaker health, but weapons/bonus points drop less often, and you get 0.75x amount of tokens.

Normal Mode

Normal mode is the same as you’ve been playing, and nothing changes.

Hard Mode

Hard mode is tougher, and you gain 1.5x amount of tokens, but zombies are a bit more beefy.

Survival/Realism Mode

Survival/Realism Mode is more unique than the other modes. Zombies are much stronger, and your weapons have completely different ammo (Starter weapons and melees are not affected), Ex. Revolvers only have 6 shots, and M1A1s would have 32. Zombies would drop weapons more often, you gain more points, and you gain 2x as much tokens.